Lawyers for America

A Response Team of Pro Bono Attorneys

Our Mission

Lawyers for America is a non-partisan, pro-bono organization of American Lawyers defending the United States Constitution, the separation of powers, and the rule of law.

The rule of law is the basis of democratic society. Without the basic principle that no person, regardless of position or wealth, is above the law, democracy cannot exist. But our Constitution, our laws, and our rights are just written on paper. They do not defend themselves. The Constitutional rule of law, therefore, is only as certain and as strong, as those willing to defend it when it is threatened.

Lawyers for America believes that lawyers have a collective duty, consistent with their individual sworn oaths, to protect and defend our founding legal documents. To that end, Lawyers for America will provide an opportunity for lawyers of all statures and specialties to join together to defend our country from threats on our most fundamental legal doctrines. This includes attacks on the separation of powers, which undermine the role of the judiciary as a check and balance on the executive branch, as well as threats to inalienable Constitutional rights to due process, equal protection, right to counsel, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion.

Lawyers for America does not seek to supplant any existing organization, but to supplement and coordinate the efforts of full-time civil and constitutional rights organizations, creating the greatest possible firepower of legal talents with which to defend our American democracy.

Lawyers for America, individually and collectively, will work to enhance the reputation, esteem, and honor of our profession through meaningful service to our neighbors, our communities, and our country. We will serve on the front lines of Constitutional crises through de-centralized, organized, collective action.

Lawyers for America DFW

While Lawyers for America DFW is focused on protecting the rights of individuals in the DFW Area, it also seeks help build a network of related but separate organizations serving other metro areas and regions, coordinating strategically to defend American Constitutional democracy.

Lawyers for America DFW does not seek to lead a centralized national organization. Instead, we will provide a foundational blueprint to sister organizations across the country, while working toward de-centralized coordination of Lawyers for America chapters on a nationwide scale for maximum impact and strength.

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